BarMasters LMS

In a world where the art of bartending is constantly evolving and the demand for skilled bartenders is on the rise, simplicity and affordability in bartender training are a breath of fresh air. Introducing our BarMasters LMS, where our mission is crystal clear: to provide a straightforward, cost-effective solution for aspiring bartenders and industry professionals alike. 

At BarMasters LMS, we offer a comprehensive training platform designed to help you hone your bartending skills and launch a successful career in mixology. Here's a closer look at what our training system can do for you: 

  1. Search Course: Utilize the search function to quickly locate desired courses within the learning management system.
  2. Buy Course: Purchase desired courses effortlessly through the platform's user-friendly interface.
  3. Learning Course/Lesson: Engage in structured learning by accessing course materials and lessons tailored to individual needs.
  4. Taking Quiz: Test your knowledge and understanding by completing interactive quizzes integrated into the course curriculum.
  5. Taking Exam: Demonstrate proficiency and comprehension through exams designed to assess learning outcomes.
  6. Getting Certificate: Earn recognition for course completion by obtaining a digital certificate upon finishing a program.
  7. Downloading Certificate: Securely download and save digital certificates as proof of achievement and competence.
  8. Comment: Share insights, ask questions, and engage in discussions with peers and instructors through the comment feature.
  9. Online Lesson: Participate in live online lessons via Zoom integration for interactive and immersive learning experiences.
  10. Account Notification: Stay informed about important updates, course changes, and account activities through timely notifications.
  11. Manage Course: Organize and oversee course content, enrollment, and progress tracking as an administrator or instructor.
  12. Manage User: Administer user accounts, permissions, and access levels to maintain a secure and personalized learning environment.
  13. Manage Lesson: Curate and administer individual lessons within courses, ensuring seamless progression and content delivery.
  14. Manage Quiz: Create, edit, and monitor quizzes to assess learning objectives and track student performance.
  15. Manage Membership: Administer membership plans, benefits, and subscriptions for learners and instructors.
  16. Manage Certificate: Customize certificate templates, criteria, and issuance processes to reflect program achievements.
  17. Manage Pricing: Set and adjust course pricing, discounts, and promotions to optimize revenue and accessibility.
  18. Manage Order: Track and manage course purchases, refunds, and transactions for financial transparency and accountability.
  19. Manage Report: Generate and analyze comprehensive reports on user engagement, course performance, and financial metrics.
  20. Manage News: Publish and manage news updates, announcements, and relevant information to keep users informed and engaged.
  21. Manage Promotion: Develop and implement marketing strategies, campaigns, and promotions to attract and retain learners.

We are here to assist you. Please feel free to contact us: 

Hotline: (+84)9388-9399-5 
Email: [email protected]